10 Ways to Improve the B2B Shopping Experience

Are you looking for the right B2B platform for your business? Read this article and discover the best ways to improve your customers shopping experience in 2017.

B2B e-commerce is a market that expands aggressively every year, as more merchants and brands are joining the online worlds to expand their customers base - the b2b experience becomes a lot more complex. Similar as Business-to-Customer based platforms, B2B customers care for the procurement experience and it influences their decision to place higher orders in volume and cost.

Once you have done a research and manage to target your potential buyers, you can tailor the customer experience down to their demands.

1. Procurement records

Customers must have an online account with their procurement records on your B2B online store. Having that kind of info can improve the process since they can review their past orders, and place new ones instantly.

  1. Tailored Pricing

When you are selling products on quantity and volume, you must expect that customers will contact you to negotiate the price or expect discounts.

  1. Tailored Product Suggestions

Having customized product suggestions and catalogs will definitely improve the B2B customer satisfaction on your online store. These suggestions can pop-out while buyers login to their accounts, based on their previous purchases, or you can suggest your top products for the month.

4. Your B2B Online Store Brand Presence

Branding is a key part of every stable physical and business. When B2B customers choose your online business-to-business platform for best platform, they want to envision the 'face' behind the business to boost their confidence throughout the process - and that is what branding does.

  1. Online Store Navigation

Nowadays, e-commerce sites (even B2B ones) must be intuitive and interactive to ease the purchase process for buyers. To achieve that you must have a great navigation process on the online store, nicely filtered product sections, word suggestions etc.

  1. Mobile Optimization

As time goes by, the number of mobile traffic beats the desktop traffic for online stores, and this is a great window of opportunity to improve your online business.

Designing a mobile app for your e-commerce platform, as well as optimizing your online store, is a great move to improve the customer experience. Buyers can view products offline, make purchases on the go and anytime.

7. Cross-sells and upsells

As we previously mentioned, B2B customers expect a lot of deals during the process since they purchase high volume orders - yet this is a great opportunity to improve the online sales by offering similar products or bundling more products for a better price.

  1. Smart pattern organization

Selling products that have various features or characteristics can be organized by a smart pattern (matrix) system i.e by specific size, number or color.

  1. Customer Wishlists and Favorites

A great customer experience boosters is the use of personalized product collection lists', also known as wishlists, where buyers can save products so they can re-consider to purchase them at a later point or on the next batch.

10. Payment choices

Payment choices are a crucial part of the B2B e-commerce platform, so you must not set any barriers on the payment process - especially if you work internationally.

Integrating your B2B online store with few choices besides invoicing, would be a great improvement for your customer's experience.

Finally, B2B e-commerce platforms are requisite sales funnel for wholesalers and manufacturers, there for you must improve your online store and business to optimize the user experience and purchase processes to increase sales. You must ensure that you are using the right ecommerce platform in order to sell more online. Checkout Shopify to find great deals and an easy to use system.


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